Unveiling Innovations: How Timeless Vapes, Kush Kriminals, Superfly and Coca-Cola are Transforming Entertainment and Cannabis Industries

July 27, 2023

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Image Courtesy of Timeless

Benzinga: Timeless Vapes Teams Up with Venice Basketball League

Timeless Vapes has partnered with the Venice Basketball League to create the Timeless x VeniceBall Mosaic Collection, aiming to bridge the gap between cannabis culture and the sports community. The collection includes gym bags, water bottles, and vaporizer flip cases, with proceeds supporting the VBL's philanthropic initiatives. This partnership intends to combine the connective power of cannabis and the community-building essence of basketball, with potential expansion into other sports in the future.

Yahoo Finance: Kush Kriminals is Stirring up a Storm in the NFT Universe, Fusing Cannabis Culture and Comic Artistry into Digital Collectibles

Kush Kriminals, the trailblazing entertainment franchise, is pioneering a new trend by blending cannabis culture and digital art, creating an immersive and engaging experience. With a little help from Sam Humphries of Marvel and DC Comics fame, the Kush Kriminals team is on a mission to revolutionize the digital art landscape. And let's not forget about the brand's focus on bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. With dispensary partnerships across the nation, Kush Kriminals is bringing the joy and excitement of its captivating art to the real world.

Image Courtesy of Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew: How Superfly Promotes One of America's Biggest Music Festivals, Outside Lands

Superfly knows that it’s all about thinking outside the concert box. They’ve mastered the art of creating unique experiences by curating a lineup that’s as diverse and exciting as your Spotify playlist on shuffle. But it doesn't stop there. With captivating art installations, mouth-watering food vendors, and interactive activities, Superfly is turning Outside Lands into a full-fledged immersive wonderland.

DigiDay: Coca-Cola Believes in Music Ads so much its Growing its Own Studio to Record Original Songs

Coca-Cola is taking its love for music in advertisements to the next level by establishing its own recording studio to produce original songs through its Coke Studio platform. Through collaborations with a diverse range of artists and growing their music festival partnerships, Coca-Cola aims to create authentic music experiences that go beyond traditional advertising, fostering a deeper connection with audiences.

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