In Full Bloom Vol. 1 - Foria's Pleasure Centric Campaign, 420 Hotel Launch Crowdfunding Campaign, 8th Street Samba by Ronnie Fieg, and More

March 21, 2023

Welcome to In Full Bloom, the new weekly blog post on cannabis culture. This blog is dedicated to everyone who loves the cannabis plant and everything it has to offer. We aim to bring you the latest insights, marketing strategies, and lifestyle tips related to cannabis. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned marketer, or someone who simply enjoys cannabis, In Full Bloom has something for everyone.

Image Courtesy of Ad Week

Foria Encourages Women to Find the Art in Their 'O-Face' (Ad Week)

Foria, a company that sells cannabis-infused intimacy products, aimed at encouraging women to explore their own pleasure and embrace their sexual experiences as a form of art. The campaign features a series of videos and images showcasing diverse women experiencing pleasure, accompanied by empowering messages encoring viewers to find beauty and empowerment in their own sexual experiences.

Image Courtesy of The 420 Hotels

The 420 Hotels Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign (Mary Magazine)

The 420 Hotels Inc. is entering the next phase of opening Denver’s first legally licensed cannabis consumption lounge in a boutique hotel by announcing the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign and by filing their Form C with the SEC through StartEngine, an industry leading private investment platform for investors seeking high growth potential in highly vetted, early stage ventures.

Image Courtesy of Cann

Cann Founders Named Food & Wine Drink Innovators of the Year (Food & Wine)

Luke Anderson and Jake Bullock are recognized in this year's "Food & Wine" Drink Innovators of the Year. "We wanted to make the first cannabis product that wouldn't look out of place in a premium natural grocery retailer like Whole Foods," confirms Luke Anderson, CANN's co-founder. "Every ingredient is hand picked for quality and comes from the best place in the world to find that particular thing, like organic lemons from Sicily where the volcanic ash helps to bring out a really warm and bright acidity."

Image Courtesy of Kith
The 8th Street Samba by Ronnie Fieg for adidas Originals & Clarks Originals (Kith)

Kith founder and CEO Ronnie Fieg, sat down to have a conversation with Max Bente, Senior Product Manager at adidas Originals & Consortium, Matteo Bellentani, Head of Product & Design at Clarks Originals, photographer Tyler Mansour, and Petter “Premium Pete” Gibaldi about the process behind creating the 8th Street Samba.

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