Chill Medicated Makes History as first Cannabis Brand to Sponsor Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Organization Championship

May 3, 2023
Image Courtesy of Chill Medicated

Are you ready for a new era in sports sponsorship? Well, Chill Medicated certainly is. The cannabis brand has officially broken the barrier as the first cannabis company to sponsor a nationally recognized sports tournament. And it's not just any tournament – it's the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Organization Championship, taking place in Round Rock, Texas.

Chill Medicated is all about promoting the potential for "athlete wellness and recovery" through the use of CBD. And who better to team up with than a sports league? According to MEDfarms Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Towbey Kassa, this sponsorship is personal. Kassa has experienced injuries and pain throughout his years of playing and coaching lacrosse, and his father has found relief from severe arthritis with the help of CBD. As a member of the WCLO board and with over 30 years of experience in the sport, Kassa understands the importance of educating individuals on plant-based wellness.

So, what does Chill Medicated offer for athlete wellness and recovery? Their curated collection of all-natural topical body rubs and tincture syrups provide reliable relief for pre-game prep and post-game recovery. Their CBD rubs are a natural alternative to traditional pain relief methods and have gained popularity among athletes. CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system to help regulate pain, inflammation, and other bodily functions. Chill Medicated offers non-transdermal CBD rubs that provide fast-acting relief for sore muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation.

The WCLO is an independently run organization consisting of non-varsity college lacrosse teams and leagues, with a structure similar to the NCAA. And with this historic sponsorship, the event will not only showcase the talent of the participating teams but also promote the use of CBD for athlete wellness and recovery.

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