Cannabis Marketing Takes Center Stage: From Sports Tournaments to New Santana Gummies and Munchies Menus

May 4, 2023

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Image Courtesy of Chill Medicated
Chill Medicated Makes History as first Cannabis brand to Sponsor Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Organization Championship

Chill Medicated, a cannabis brand dedicated to destigmatizing the plant and promoting its potential for “athlete wellness and recovery,” has announced its sponsorship of the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Organization Championship in Round Rock, Texas. This historic sponsorship makes Chill Medicated the first cannabis brand to sponsor a national recognized sports tournament, following the recent national lift of cannabis restrictions in several sporting leagues.

Image Courtesy of HUF
ADCANN: Best 4/20 Campaigns of 2023

Ah, the beloved 4/20 holiday! The day where cannabis enthusiasts can come together and celebrate their love for the plant. As expected, cannabis brands went all out with their marketing campaigns this year, and ADCANN has rounded up some of the best ones. From Canadian brand, Tokyo Smoke to clothing brand, HUF, who teamed up with South Park, to release a limited edition collection featuring characters from the show smoking weed. Who says marketing can’t be fun?

Digi Day: How Cannabis Culture is Becoming a Bigger Part of Jack in the Box’s Marketing Strategy

Jack in the Box has been experimenting with this strategy for a while now, using everything from branded rolling papers to specialty themed boxes to connect with the 420 crowd. And it seems to be working - the company has seen a significant uptick in sales from cannabis consumers, who apparently have the munchies for their late-night menu items.

Image Courtesy of The Parent Company
PR Newswire: The Parent Company and Mirayo by Santa Introduce New Line of Rosin Hash Gummies

The Parent Company and Mirayo by Santana are teaming up to bring you a new line of hash rosin gummies! That's right, Santana's not just making sweet music anymore, he's dipping his toes into the world of cannabis confections. These gummies are made using a special hash rosin extraction process, which apparently makes them extra potent and tasty. And with different flavors like Grape, Cherry and Lime, there’s sure to be a gummy to satisfy every taste bud.

Image Courtesy of Wall Street Journal
WSJ: At Instagram’s Favorite Hotel, the Other Guests Are Part of the Draw

Move over influencers, there’s a new player in town. Meet Palm Heights, a luxury resort in the Cayman Islands that has become an influencer itself. Thanks to its unique yellow umbrellas and the swarm of celebrities posing in front of them, the hotel has become the hottest Instagram destination. Who needs billboards when you have Bella Hadid and Chloë Sevigny endorsing you on social media?


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